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Weapons Against Lust

Here are some specific tools against lust that will help you battle against Satan.

The first tool to have in your tool belt was made famous by Stephen Arteburn, called the 1 look for 1 second.

God made women very attractive and desirable, Adam chose Eve over God. So a single non-lustful look of admiration of God’s beauty for no longer than one second. Do not fantasize about her and do not sexualize her. This tool works in conjunction with the next one.

No second look, a double take got Neo in trouble in our clip, it will get you in trouble too.

The third tool I like to employ is the 311 call. We have many different 3 digit dialing extensions for fast calling. 911 for emergencies, 411 for information, and some cell phone companies have a 611 for customer support...

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You have just finished watching the Red Dress scene from the movie The Matrix, the scene is just the tip of the iceberg regarding lust. While most of us focus on just the lady in the red dress just like Neo does, but if you watch the way Morpheus interacts with the crowds versus Neo and you listen to what he was actually saying, you learn much more. By desiring to better yourself and enter into a new state of sexual integrity, you have chosen to escape from the matrix, just like Neo.

The Matrix of Satan’s Perversion
Lust is like the Matrix that everyone has been in and like those in the clip, they are unable or do not desire to get out of the confines of lust and sexual immorality...

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Hey guys, I’m glad you are continuing to read. Last few posts challenged you immensely and the accompanying week had to be tough. I am proud of you for sticking it out and still desiring to gain the sexual integrity you can have and God wants for you. This section is a little different from the past few sections in that it focuses introspectively, or more internally. We are going to explore how Satan’s second in command, at least that is how I perceive the fallen angel of fear. Fear is the number one causer root of every fight that I oversee in a counseling session with couples. Fear is what usually influences a good majority of our decisions, we may just not know it...

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Shame gets its root from guilt as shame is the guilt of having done something regrettable. This implies that you have done something wrong, and most likely sin related, and are now worried about how others may see you for what you have done. When it comes to our sexuality, there are typical three types:

Different Types of Sexual Shame

  • Performance
    – Many men feel shame for their sexual performance. This can be duration of intercourse, lack of sensualness, rhythm, size and/or girth of their penis, impotence, sweat, weight, body hair, etc.
  • Historical
    – Can be from making mistakes in their past...
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Guilt vs. Conviction

Spiritual Warfare
– We have an enemy, his name is Satan. His first objective as your enemy is to make you believe that he doesn’t exist or if you do know of him, it is insignificant. Like just a little creature on your shoulder with horns and a tail wielding a pitchfork, insignificant and easily ignored. No Satan was second in command only to God, he is very powerful having influenced a third of the angels to be on his side. One of his master generals is the spirit of fear. Satan uses guilt to keep you from leaving whatever it is that you feel you shouldn’t be doing...

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Attractions to Pornography

It is not hard to answer the question of why we are attracted to pornography as we are made as sexual beings. But it goes much deeper than the physical attractiveness as I’ve seen men in my office who have beauty queens as wives, but still are addicted to viewing pornography. So why do we really seek porn.

One, because pornography won’t refuse you. The object of your viewing pleasure will not reject you. That is of course, your credit card was not declined. I have yet to hear of a website or service that turned you down, sure some may play hard to get as part of their service, but they never completely turn you down. They would be out of business in a heart beat. As men, we hate to be refused or rejected by women, especially our spouse.

Two, if you take your question, “Am I man?”, to a wom...

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In this section I will be talking about a huge stumbling block for us, pornography. The viewing of the human anatomy in it’s raw form has been around since man could communicate in visual form. Many civilizations created statues in tribute to the human anatomy. As with any art form, it quickly evolved from images of the naked body to sexual acts. The Greeks had a goddess dedicated to sexuality in Aphrodite. I can recall images of vases from the Japanese dynasties that depicted sexual acts. The infamous Kama Sutra book published by the Indian culture is older than the first Bible, i believe. Pornography is defined by as obscene writings, drawings, photographs, or the like, especially those having little or no artistic merit...

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