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Shame gets its root from guilt as shame is the guilt of having done something regrettable. This implies that you have done something wrong, and most likely sin related, and are now worried about how others may see you for what you have done. When it comes to our sexuality, there are typical three types:

Different Types of Sexual Shame

  • Performance
    – Many men feel shame for their sexual performance. This can be duration of intercourse, lack of sensualness, rhythm, size and/or girth of their penis, impotence, sweat, weight, body hair, etc.
  • Historical
    – Can be from making mistakes in their past...
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Guilt vs. Conviction

Spiritual Warfare
– We have an enemy, his name is Satan. His first objective as your enemy is to make you believe that he doesn’t exist or if you do know of him, it is insignificant. Like just a little creature on your shoulder with horns and a tail wielding a pitchfork, insignificant and easily ignored. No Satan was second in command only to God, he is very powerful having influenced a third of the angels to be on his side. One of his master generals is the spirit of fear. Satan uses guilt to keep you from leaving whatever it is that you feel you shouldn’t be doing...

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