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Terry Crews

There is no immunity from pornography. I enjoyed the following video posted by the actor/director Terry Crews. He talks about his pornography addiction and all that it did to him and his relationships. Take a few minutes and watch.

Many of the comments he says within the video relate to scripture. When Terry talks about opening up and telling people about his addiction correlates with John 8:32, “Know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” He makes many other references that are Biblical truths, can you find them?

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Attractions to Pornography

It is not hard to answer the question of why we are attracted to pornography as we are made as sexual beings. But it goes much deeper than the physical attractiveness as I’ve seen men in my office who have beauty queens as wives, but still are addicted to viewing pornography. So why do we really seek porn.

One, because pornography won’t refuse you. The object of your viewing pleasure will not reject you. That is of course, your credit card was not declined. I have yet to hear of a website or service that turned you down, sure some may play hard to get as part of their service, but they never completely turn you down. They would be out of business in a heart beat. As men, we hate to be refused or rejected by women, especially our spouse.

Two, if you take your question, “Am I man?”, to a wom...

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In this section I will be talking about a huge stumbling block for us, pornography. The viewing of the human anatomy in it’s raw form has been around since man could communicate in visual form. Many civilizations created statues in tribute to the human anatomy. As with any art form, it quickly evolved from images of the naked body to sexual acts. The Greeks had a goddess dedicated to sexuality in Aphrodite. I can recall images of vases from the Japanese dynasties that depicted sexual acts. The infamous Kama Sutra book published by the Indian culture is older than the first Bible, i believe. Pornography is defined by as obscene writings, drawings, photographs, or the like, especially those having little or no artistic merit...

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