Guilt vs. Conviction

Spiritual Warfare
– We have an enemy, his name is Satan. His first objective as your enemy is to make you believe that he doesn’t exist or if you do know of him, it is insignificant. Like just a little creature on your shoulder with horns and a tail wielding a pitchfork, insignificant and easily ignored. No Satan was second in command only to God, he is very powerful having influenced a third of the angels to be on his side. One of his master generals is the spirit of fear. Satan uses guilt to keep you from leaving whatever it is that you feel you shouldn’t be doing. Thoughts or ideas like “it is only a short term fix” or “your wife won’t respect you if you don’t change” or “it’s too much work to change” or “everybody in church will know you are some sexual deviant because you came here” or “you are lower than whale crap for even thinking that way”. The attacks of guilt come in many ways.

Pity Party Attendees… You and Satan
– if you are beating yourself up about something related to your sexuality, and being self condemning, Satan is the one pouring the arsenic laden drinks at your pity party. Remember, his goal is to keep you in your sin and make you feel miserable about it. The last thing he wants you to do is get free of his control. Yes, he has control over you if you are struggling in any area of your sexual integrity, which can be any number of things like pornography, masturbation, lust, homosexuality, infidelity, sexual fantasies, you name it.

Judge the Fruits
– the best way to discern whether a comment or thought is from God or Satan is to ask yourself what is the outcome of it. Is it a positive change? Does the thought make you sad or feel weak or worthless? God does not condemn! Sure He would in the old testament, but not since He sent His one and only son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins – past, present and future.

Difference Between Guilt & Conviction
– Guilt is when you are doing something for someone else’s approval or how someone else will perceive you. This preys upon your fears and is from Satan. It also speaks to your need for approval and where is that need coming from.
– Conviction is when you are doing something or making some change that comes from your own desire to change irregardless of whom it affects directly or indirectly. God puts these heart changes on us. These types of changes often go opposed by our enemy and can be difficult and fraught with resistance.