You have just finished watching the Red Dress scene from the movie The Matrix, the scene is just the tip of the iceberg regarding lust. While most of us focus on just the lady in the red dress just like Neo does, but if you watch the way Morpheus interacts with the crowds versus Neo and you listen to what he was actually saying, you learn much more. By desiring to better yourself and enter into a new state of sexual integrity, you have chosen to escape from the matrix, just like Neo.

The Matrix of Satan’s Perversion
Lust is like the Matrix that everyone has been in and like those in the clip, they are unable or do not desire to get out of the confines of lust and sexual immorality. Heck, even in the movie, one of the characters wanted to be plugged back into it. Being out of the matrix is hard but like Neo, Morpheus and the others, you can adapt and overcome, even be exceptional while being in it. But remember, they had an enemy as well, just like us.

Many Are Incapable of Getting Free
Many people in this world, even those in the church, are incapable of escaping Satan’s perversion. They don’t have access to things like this group or people like your facilitator who want and are capable of helping those escape. Like the movie, Neo had the desire to leave, but it took the help of others to get free and to be restored to the man he was meant to be. Myself, your facilitator, and the men who helped rescue me from the matrix.

Guilt and Shame
Like you read in the last section, Satan uses guilt and shame to keep us in the matrix. And he especially employs it when he knows we are close to escaping. Just like in the movie, he sends agents to you to strike fear into you so you will stay inside the matrix.

Christ’s Purchase
In the previous section, we saw the clip from Les Miserables, where Jan Val Jan was willing to go back to his sins. But the bishop, like Christ did for us, bought and paid the ransom for our souls. You too do not have to be a slave to Satan’s matrix.