In this section I will be talking about a huge stumbling block for us, pornography. The viewing of the human anatomy in it’s raw form has been around since man could communicate in visual form. Many civilizations created statues in tribute to the human anatomy. As with any art form, it quickly evolved from images of the naked body to sexual acts. The Greeks had a goddess dedicated to sexuality in Aphrodite. I can recall images of vases from the Japanese dynasties that depicted sexual acts. The infamous Kama Sutra book published by the Indian culture is older than the first Bible, i believe. Pornography is defined by as obscene writings, drawings, photographs, or the like, especially those having little or no artistic merit. Pornography has it’s roots in the oldest profession in the world, prostitution. As through the ages, pornography has changed and gone from images on a vase, to pictures of naked women in a magazine, to film and beyond. Pornography has become a multi-billion dollar industry.

The various types of pornography is exhaustive and I’m sure there will be new kinds created between the time I recorded this to the time you hear this. The main areas that affect the majority of men are the visual forms of pornography. While some men are attracted to the writings, these men tend to be very huge in to fantasy, the novels and other scripted versions of sexuality are usually geared towards women, although women are starting to climb in the statistics of pornography viewers. We really started out viewing pornography with static pictures in magazines, with the occasional stag film of the early days of film. Post world war two, pornography really began to take off. Numerous magazines came about, but you still had to venture half way across town in disguise to get it. Then movies became more prevalent in the sixties and magazines became more prevalent. We also saw the influx of strip clubs during this time. Movies became too numerous to count in the seventies but you still had to go somewhere to see them. This social fear kept Satan’s perversion at bay for a while. But then in the early eighties we had the beta-max, the earliest form of video in the home. It offered a level of anonymity that we previously didn’t have. This quickly led to the VHS video which could be purchased via mail order in nondescript boxes from various vendors further assuring anonymity. Next enters the DVD, higher quality, less mechanical failure, videos lasting for a lifetime if taken care of. Then comes the internet. The total solution to anonymity. Within these various forms of media distribution of pornographic content, there’s a plethora of types of fetishes or desires or fantasies. There is a huge choice out there for whatever your sexual desire is and they will compete for your dollar. From common sexual fantasy between a couple to homosexuality to animal bestiality to you name it, if Satan has thought it up, you can be sure it is out there.