Shame gets its root from guilt as shame is the guilt of having done something regrettable. This implies that you have done something wrong, and most likely sin related, and are now worried about how others may see you for what you have done. When it comes to our sexuality, there are typical three types:

Different Types of Sexual Shame

  • Performance
    – Many men feel shame for their sexual performance. This can be duration of intercourse, lack of sensualness, rhythm, size and/or girth of their penis, impotence, sweat, weight, body hair, etc.
  • Historical
    – Can be from making mistakes in their past. Some examples are poor choices in partners, previous bouts of impotence, short duration of intercourse, exploration of homosexuality, having been embarrassed or humiliation for past sexual encounters, the list can be endless.
  • Deviance
    – Sexual deviance is a term I need to clarify before using it. Sexual deviance is the deviation of normal sexuality within a relationship or outlined in the Bible. When I use this term, I usually refer to acts like sleeping with a prostitute, having multiple partners, or same sex relations. There are some others, but God has given us plenty of room to operate within the confines of our marriages.

Not From God

– If you don’t get anything out of these posts, please get that guilt and shame do not come from God and they come from Satan!

  • Spiritual Warfare
    – Gentlemen, we have an enemy and we are at war! Their is such thing as spiritual warfare. We are warned throughout the Bible about our enemy.
  • Good Heart
    – For a long time, and maybe even still, we are taught that our heart is wicked, Jeremiah, Old Testament. But the truth of the matter is we have a good heart. Assuming you have accepted Christ as your savior, you have the holy spirit residing in you. There are a number of scriptures that inform us of this in the new testament. A great resource on your good heart is a CD by John Eldredge called “The Good Heart” and it can be purchased in CD format or a downloadable mp3 from his website: I could rehash it but I wouldn’t do it justice.