Weapons Against Lust

Here are some specific tools against lust that will help you battle against Satan.

The first tool to have in your tool belt was made famous by Stephen Arteburn, called the 1 look for 1 second.

God made women very attractive and desirable, Adam chose Eve over God. So a single non-lustful look of admiration of God’s beauty for no longer than one second. Do not fantasize about her and do not sexualize her. This tool works in conjunction with the next one.

No second look, a double take got Neo in trouble in our clip, it will get you in trouble too.

The third tool I like to employ is the 311 call. We have many different 3 digit dialing extensions for fast calling. 911 for emergencies, 411 for information, and some cell phone companies have a 611 for customer support. Now we have the 311 call, no it is not on your cell, although I’m sure you can program your phone to dial someone to hold you accountable. But the 311 is reciting Job 31:1 in your head and under your breathe. Job 31:1 states: “I have made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully on another woman.” One of the best ways to combat Satan is with scripture as well as through prayer.

Which leads me to the next tool, pray for the person that you feel you are lusting after. Pray for her, her sexuality, her boyfriend if single, husband if married, her future husband, her father. You have to remember that your heavenly father is the same as hers and he knows your thoughts. Plus praying for the person also makes them more human in your mind and not an object.

Satan likes to target us when our defenses are down. He will try the same old tricks on you to get you to fall. An acronym I use is SHALT. It stands for Sick, Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. If you are feeling any one of these, be prepared for attacks. I can recall countless times being on the road after lots of traveling with a cold, being jet lagged and starving from airline food, knowing that the instant I walk into the hotel and to the receptionists desk, there will be some gorgeous bubble headed bleach blonde with a chest that even God might say, “I didn’t create those, but dang” in a blouse that always seems to be missing a few buttons off the top. It is inevitable. I actually know this is coming as Satan will always try the same stuff to see if you will falter at stuff you used to be weak at. I just pull out my cell phone and start reading messages or texting my wife as I approach the desk and my eyes never make contact with the lady behind the counter. Or if I have to, I focus on the forehead and then straight to the counter where the keycard is usually placed. Always be in tune with your body and be prepared.

One of the best ways to be prepared is to pray the armor of God over yourself daily. I actually pray the Daily Prayer by John Eldredge of Ransomed Heart Ministries, which encompasses it and more each morning. You can actually download an audio and a printed version of the prayer from his website www.ransomedheart.com. Praying the Armor of God will help with the spiritual warfare that we cannot see.

Lastly, one I’m not too fond of but works for many is the rubber band snapping tool. I learned this one from Dr. Douglas Weiss. You put a rubber and around your wrist and every time you have a lustful thought, you pull it back a good distance and then let it snap your wrist. Very painful and associates pain and negative consequences for lustful thoughts. I used this one summer, and found that I was snapping myself 40-45 times a day initially and after a month had tapered down to under 10 a day. It also didn’t help that I was driving along a posh neighborhood where everyone was out in their spandex, as little of it, getting their exercise. Towards the end of the summer, I was actually envisioning the spandex snapping them harder than the rubber band on my wrist. Sorry Lord, I repent.

By employing these techniques, or at least the ones you feel comfortable with, you will begin to see the bigger picture. Remember how Neo had to fight his way through the crowd, while Morpheus just eased through? You gain a heightened awareness of what is actually going on and can truly make a difference. You are now onto Satan’s game. Because you know his moves, you can adapt and overcome. This forces him to work harder at getting you to falter and hopefully give up. You have just become a very dangerous person in the Kingdom and Satan is going to watch you like a hawk hoping to find flaws. That is why we need to keep practicing the skills we learn and what we know works set for us. As you see your skills actually work while in the matrix, you will build confidence in yourself, a confidence that God as well as I knew existed in you. You have what it takes! Until the next session, pick some of the tools and hone them for your battles.

A key to your success is if you falter or stumble, do not think that it is over and you have to start from ground zero. We all make mistakes, it is human to error. Just talk about it and pick back up, do not let guilt and shame enter in. You don’t want to make agreements with Satan that you cannot do it. This is a lie from the pit of hell.